Alleged Confidential Informants:

Alexandra Natapoff, “Snitching: Criminal Informants and the Erosion of American Justice”. The act of Trading Criminal guilt for exchange for information and continuing to allow criminal activity in exchange for information.

The reason we are providing the identity of Confidential Informants and Cooperating Witnesses is because they are unreliable. Many Organizationsare trying to band the use of Informants in trial that have pending charges or previous conviction’s. They have reasons to lie to better themselves or to mitigate charges against them.

It appears that the Iron County Prosecution Office continually ignores the factual evidence and uses unreliable Informant testimony to get their convictions.

They are allowed to continuously break the law, use drugs, deal, distribute , endanger the public and entrap innocent people that probably would have never been associated with drugs without undue influence, all the while the Law Enforcement protects them. This is a known fact! This HAS to STOP!

The following are Alleged CI’s or Informants and Cooperating Witnesses. These allegations are based off of Public Court Records. You Decide if it’s Alleged or Not—-


Joseph John Hudecek  - Alleged Confidential Informant?

Upstanding Citizen or Snitch? - to be able to use with no recourse.

First let me state – I am totally against illegal drug use! I am an advocate for the war on drugs!

I sat in court and listened as Officer Dave McIntyre and Officer Skeem stated information about their CI’s. Officer McIntyre stated how he wrote an atta boy letter for Joe Hudecek’s Dad and both officers stated it is not customary practice to drug test, finger print or photograph their CI’s as long as they can retrieve fingerprints and photos that they already have in the system. Joe Hudecek  and Bo Langeliers were not finger printed or photographed because this information was already in the system – In other words, THEY ARE ALREADY IN THE SYSTEM! It was also stated that Joe called the officers and told them he could get Corey Demonary, so they acted on it.

 I listened as Joe testified about the 2 buys that were recorded and one videotaped that he was a party to. I listened as he testified he did this for personal reasons and because he was an upstanding citizen trying to change his life and better the community, that it was just getting too close to home.

I then listened to other witnesses testify to the fact that Mr. Hudecek left after the wire buy went down, then came back and participated in more drug use. Another testified that they personally watch Mr. Hudecek  take some of the drugs he had just purchased and place it in a smaller container for his own personal use before making his delivery. This person didn’t know the delivery was to the Drug Task Force.

I don’t have a problem with someone infiltrating the drug world to help Drug Task  Force do their job.  I believe  it is illegal, immoral and unjust for the Drug Task Force to use CI’s that they don’t drug test, that continually use drugs, sell drugs and break the law with no recourse as long as they snitch on others. This should be a serious public safety concern.

Comments on Joe Hudecek


 Bo Langeliers  – Alleged Confidential Informant!

I listened to testimony as Bo Langeliers stated he had drug charges and he had negotiated a plea of abeyance, but he wanted the charges reduced so he agreed to work for the drug task force. He was required to make 10 buys, 2 buys on 5 different people. He only successfully completed 1 buy before he relapsed and was sent back to drug court (not jail, drug court). I then heard a witness testify that he was there during this wire buy and after Bo had bought the drugs he left, supposedly to deliver what he had purchased. Bo then returned home and met up with this witness to smoke some meth. Bo pulled out a bag and stated he had switched bags on the person he had just delivered to because what he had just purchased looked like better stuff.

SO JUST HOW CONTROLLED ARE THESE BUYS? It was stated that the drug task force scans the area prior to the buy, but they didn’t in Bo’s case or in one of Joe’s cases. They do a pat down search of the CI but don’t even make them take their shoes off. They basically do an inventory search of the vehicle the CI drives, but don’t use dogs for an in-depth search. They don’t have constant visual during the buy or even after they wire someone up, or after the buy goes down. So basically you have people with records, wanting to make deals to save themselves, making statements against others whether it’s true or not. It seems apparent these CI’s are not in a rational state of mind according to testimony of other witnesses.

The reliability of this informaiton is all documented on public court record, case #111500165 – 12/15/11


David Barclay Adams (Painter Dave) Alleged Confidential Informant! Past charges consist of: Cohabitant Abuse; Violation of Protective Order; False information to Law Enforcement; Cohabitant Abuse; Cohabitant Abuse; Simple Assault; Damage/Interrupt Communication Device; Simple Assault; Domestic Violence in presence of a child; Damage/Interrupt Communication Device. Information Source: Public Court Records.

 It was stated on the stand under oath by Office Lee, David Adams was his informant.

David Adams admitted to wearing a wire on numerous drug buys.

I was married to David

Rebuttal to – I was married to David

Comments on David Adams


Mark Milby Alleged Confidential Informant. Past Charges consist of: Possession of Controlled Substance; Possession of Controlled Substance; Possession of Controlled Substance; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Possess A Controlled Substance by Fraud; Possession of a Controlled Substance; Attempted Possession of a Controlled Substance; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Theft by receiving Stolen Property; Illegal Poss/Use of Controlled Substance; Illegal Poss/Use of Controlled Substance; Illegal Poss/Use of Controlled Substance; Driving under the influence of Alc/Drugs. Information Source: Public Court Records

 It is believed Mark Milby is a Confidential Informant. It is believed he was used in a Federal drug case a few years ago and the Drug Task Force still uses him. He is known for setting people up, assisting in their arrest, then robbing their homes while they are incarcerated, and the Drug Task Force protects him. This information came from an actual drug wire buy recording from the Drug Task Force.

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Uriah Ray Suhr Alleged Confidential Informant for the FBI. Past Charges consist of: Poss w/Intent to Distribute; Illegal Poss/use of controlled substance; use or possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Purch/Poss dangerous weapon; manufacture/ Possession Burglary Tools; Interfering w/legal arrest; Failure to remain at accident; Purch/Poss Dangerous weapon; Theft; Poss/Dist Controlled Substance w/in 1000 feet of school; Possess Forgery writing/device; Forgery; Forgery; Possession of Another’s Identifying Doc; Possession of Another’s Identifying Doc; Poss/Dist Controlled Substance w/in 1000 feet of school; two counts of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, not maintaining lane of travel and eluding police; two counts of possession of schedule 1 and 11 drugs; willful failure to yield;eluding; resisting arrest; possession of drug paraphernalia; failure to maintain a travel lane; and in Nevada – possession of controlled substance; unlawful possession of Drug Paraphernalia; resist police officer; evade police officer. Information Source: Court Records and Spectrum Newspaper


Uriah Suhr stated himself that he was a CI for the FBI and worked for Washington Co. Drug Task Force. He is protected by his goons on one side and by the Fed’s on the other. He plays both sides. He is dangerous no matter what side he is sitting on. He believes he is, and claims he is a member of “the Brotherhood”. Uriah is a repeat drug dealer offender, and continues to carry a gun all the while being protected by Law Enforcement. Information Source: Public Court Records.

The TRUE story as to how Uriah Suhr got shot: Anatomy of a Roadside Defensive Shooting

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Ron Lee Kenneth Parker:  Alleged Cooperating Witness . Past Charges consist of: Unlawful Purchase/Poss/Cons of Alcohol by Minor; Not a Drop-Drivew/Blood Alcohol-Person; Attempted Fail To Stop/Respond at command of Police; (1)Driving under the Influence of Alc/Drug; Operating Vehicle without Insurance; Drive w/o Registration; Intoxication; Unlawful Purchase/Poss/Cons of ALC by Minor; Open Container/Drinking alcohol in Vehicle; (2)Driving under the Influence of Alc/Drugs; (3)Driving under the Influence of Alc/Drugs; Carry a Dangerous weapon Under the Influence Alcohol/Drugs; Driving on Alcohol Restrictions; (4)Driving under the Influence of Alc/Drugs; (5)Driving under the Influence of Alc/Drugs; Joyriding/unauthorized Control for extended time; (6)Driving under the Influence of Alc/Drugs. Information Source: Public Court Records.

Ron Lee Parker after getting is 6th DUI charge  plus carrying a dangerous weapon while under the influence and was only charged with a class B misdemeanor if he would testify. These charges should have been significantly increased which should have included incarceration. Ron Parker’s past charges should deem him a danger to the public. We have personally witnessed him driving home from Apple bee’s intoxicated after his arrest.


Ambree Blackner: Alleged Cooperating Witness. Past charges consist of: Retail theft, Attempted Unlawful Acquisition /Possess/Transfer card, Attempted Unlawful use of Finance Card, Illegal poss/use of controlled substance, Use or possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Poss/Distribution of controlled substance within 1000 feet of a public school, Attempted Forgery, Forgery, Robbery, Kidnapping, Forgery, Forgery, Obstruction of Justice. Information Source: Public Court Records.

Ambree Blackner was given a plea deal for her testimony. Information Source: Public Court Records






Arrest Time/Date

Arrested By


17:16:00 02/25/12 M. Laub ECPD





64-13-29 Probation/Parole Viol OP
76-6-412(1)(d) Theft – Less than $50 BM
76-6-412(1)(d) Theft – Less than $50 BM
76-6-202 Burglary 3F
So as part of a plea agreement, (click on court 2-28-2012) Ambree’s charges are reduced from a 3rd degree felony Burglary charge and a Class B Misdemeanor Theft charge – down to a Class A Misdemeanor Criminal Trespassing charge. Ambree states to the Judge that “this was a real wakeup call”. Conditions of her probation include: 4. No contact whatsoever with James Logan. and 5. Cooperate with the State in giving testimony i…n proceedings against James Logan. WHERE HAVE WE HEARD ALL OF THIS BEFORE! Maybe a “wakeup call” would have happened previously on some of her numerous other charges if the Judge didn’t always give her probation with the same conditions, or even when she did do jail time it was drastically reduced for the same conditions. TO COOPERATE WITH THE STATE IN GIVING TESTIMONY IN PROCEEDINGS AGAINST CO-DEFENDANTS. The question is – just who’s version of testimony is she to give? The truth? or Scott Garretts version of the story? We know Scott Garrett isn’t interested in the truth, as we have documentation of him coursing witnesses and instructing defendants to lie on the stand (click on Huntsmanonly interested in what gets him the most convictions.


Talisha Tullius (Hern) Alleged Drug Dealer and Cooperating Witness. Past Charges consist of: Assault against Police Officer; Interfering w/Legal Arrest; Unlawful Possession; Unlawful Possession; Unlawful Possession; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Mixed Controlled Substance in a container. Information Source: Public Court Records

   Talisha Tullius (Hern)Alleged Drug Dealer, admitted on the stand under oath to selling drugs. She was protected by Scott Garrett for her testimony, even though she admitted that she was selling drugs 3 hours after she was released. Scott Garrett never charged her for her crimes. Information Source: Public Court Records


Comments on Talisha Tullius


Ashleigh Walker Tipler: Alleged Cooperating Witness. Ashleigh was exempt from charges due to her testimony. Information Source: Public Court Records

Comments on Ashleigh Walker Tipler


Tiffany Davis: Alleged Cooperating Witness. Information source: Public Court Records

Comments on Tiffany Davis


 Anonymous – December 30th, 2011

So if these “ci’s”agree to a so called “quota” in a certain time frame do their apointed “public defenders” um… require or make the “ci’s” pay them a restitution? Fee from their own pockets to hold back or hold off court dates?? What happens if they actually agree on the wired buys and don’t actually “get” their buys?? Do they actually receive a time frame for their quota’s to drop their charges… I have personal. Concerns on these issues and it would be great to receive these answers asap?? To hopefully not but possibly prevent any damage to myself or my loved ones.

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to this one – Hey Joe, Mark, Dave or Bo, can you help answer this one?


Misty Cheek – May 3rd, 2011

I am not an attorney or law enforcement and cannot give legal advice. But this is my observation:

It’s sad that our Drug Task Force, CCPD, ICSO and our District Attorney’s are relying only on testimony of acquaintances to implicate, charge and convince juries of guilt. Unfortunately Informants (or in this case YOU) are implicating yourselves for future prosecution. The DA may tell you he will not bring charges on you for telling the truth (which sets him up for a Malfeasance of Failure to Prosecute) – he may also tell you he will protect you if you will make up a story to fit what he is trying to portray (which sets him up for a criminal charge of Suborning Perjury), but the sad truth is – The FED’s are listening and can indict you – Your statement can be taken before the GRAND JURY for indictment – and they have all the proof they need because you made the statement under oath, on the stand or signed an affidavit.
You can only change your statement if it’s in the favor of law enforcement.

If you try to change an untrue statement that law enforcement enticed you into signing, they will press further charges on you.


How do you get someone out of office and clean up your county? Become a delegate for your prescient. It’s really not hard to do!
Contact me anytime – Misty Cheek 435-590-9406


Alleded Cooperating Witnesses: A witness who believes that he or she may procure his or her own freedom by incriminating another has a motive to falsify. You should receive such testimony with caution and scrutinize it with great care.” – U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, final instructions to jury, United State v. Marion S. Barry, D.D.C., No. 90-68, transcript at 5728. 2

NACDL Cooperating Witness Document


The Cooperating Witness Who Lies – A Challenge to Defense Lawyers, Prosecutors, and Judges:

According to the United States Department of Justice, many cooperating witnesses are “outright conscienceless sociopaths” who will do anything to benefit themselves, including “lying, committing perjury, manufacturing evidence, soliciting others to corroborate their lies with more lies, and double crossing anyone with whom they come in contact.” Nevertheless, prosecutors commonly encourage and use cooperating witnesses, and, not surprisingly, this practice has resulted in a significant number of wrongful convictions. – Monroe H. Freedman

Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law on Cooperating Witnesses Who Lie Document

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  • anonymous - February 23rd, 2011 9:33 am

Keep in mind the drug task force will use any means possible to get you to tell them information, including telling you who allegedly (not always truthfully) snitched on you so you will turn on them. They will threaten you with your children. Also if you do sign their C.I. informant paperwork they tell you who they want a wire worn on. Caution – they may NOT keep their end of the promise. Do you really want to put your life on the line for their dirty schemes of which they use people as their pawns to their game of working up to who they really want? Most often one’s who have money or their family does, that’s what it’s all about to them money and prestige . If you voluntarily tell them info on a known drug pusher because you have someone you lovewhois being supplied by them, or someone who is dangerous when under the influence, they will do nothing absolutely nothing if that person is one of their informants. They will only protect them. Observe cases drug through court for years with serious charges to only in the end slap them on the hands but others go right through the right to a speedy trial then sentencing. They have repeated court appearances scheduled for really nothing just costing all including tax payers a lot of money and wasted time. Just how many status review hearings andsettrial dates changed at last minute, then more status review hearings do they need unless that person is making behind closed door deals like they want to get others. But allow those persons to continue using and even selling drugs at the same time. Those persons can discludetheirpersonal supply sources without question. These people even though for years are known to be under the influence at all times, drivearound and never get pulled over. I’ve also witnessed repeated assaults by one person who always gets away with them. Bottom line it is morally wrong to feed the beast by allowing character disordered persons to become career criminals and continue to destroy lives of normal people just because they have a calm demeanor and a charming silver tongue. I know for fact several people go to court seriously under the influence and very visibly able to know that but is there a law against internal possession in court? Seriously! Another red flag of an informant is one who misses court and all they do is schedule another.


SNITCH: Informants, Cooperators & the Corruption of Justice . By Ethan Brown

Demonstrates how the War on Drugs has corrupted our criminal system. Real investigative work has been replaced by false testimony from incentivized witnesses, wrongful conviction of innocents, and the premature return of emboldened “snitches” to the streets.

Hardbound. 273 pages Published by PublicAffairs Item # 2644746 ISBN 1586484923 ISBN13 9781586484927 Remainder Pub at $25.95 Your Price $4.95



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